Hints For Homeowners

Hot Tips For Cooler Weather


(NAPSI)—When it looks like winter is coming, there are certain steps you can take to breathe easier at home.


In addition to clearing clogged gutters, closing storm windows and prepping the weather stripping on your windows and doors, it’s important to get the furnace, filter and air ducts checked and cleaned if necessary.


Hints on How


A complete home winterizing should include replacing the filter on your furnace and cleaning the ductwork to remove built-up dirt, dust and debris. That will improve indoor air quality and keep your heating and ventilation (HVAC) system running smoothly.


A Word on Why


There are two main reasons cleaning your HVAC is a good idea:


1.Save energy: According to the United States Department of Energy, 56 percent of the energy used to power your home goes to HVAC systems. When they begin to wear, they run less efficiently. 


2.Improve air quality: An HVAC system takes air in and breathes air out through the ducts. Dirt and dust are recirculated throughout your home several times a day. The dirt may contribute to health issues, especially in kids, older people and those with respiratory conditions, autoimmune disorders or certain allergies. 


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