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FDA Advisors Recommend Approval of New ALS Drug Act

ALS is a vicious disease with no known cure. We've all seen tragedy unfold as victims of this neurodegenerative disease claim the lives of about 30,000 just in the US. The new drug, AMX0035, …

US Life Expectancy declines again in US due to Covid and vaccination deniers

A new scientific study reports Americans are living shorter lifespans. The study says Americans lost another .4  years of life expectancy in 2021, following a dramatic decline in 2020 when …

Capri Wild Cherry Capri Sun Drinks recalled due to cleaning solution found in some drinks

A recall is underway of Kraft Heinz Wild Cherry Capri Sun drinks. The company said the Capri Sun drinks are being recalled since they are contaminated with cleaning solution.  Check the …

You May Want to deflate that Bounce house. Here’s why.

Who doesn’t love a bounce house? Turns out the answer to that may be everyone. A new study reports that bouncy houses, a mainstay at birthday parties, town fairs, and backyard events, are …

Epic, Charitable Car Show in West Caldwell on Sunday, September 18th

If you love a car show and want to do a good deed too, this event's for you! The Natural Glass Corvette Association is hosting its 45th  Annual Open Car Show on Sunday, September 18th at Paul Miller Chevrolet, located at 950 Bloomfield Avenue in West Caldwell, NJ 07006.
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Coffee Adds Longevity: 3 1/2 cups a day = 7 percent lower chance of dying     If you’re like me, you consider your coffee to be an integral part of your daily life. Some …
For the world’s leading neuroscientists, unlocking the brain’s capacity to stimulate neural plasticity has become something of a Holy Grail.  That’s because enhancing …
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